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👋 Welcome to my Helm Charts repository. This repo contains Helm charts that I have developed to run applications in my home Kubernetes cluster. This repo is not intended to be a replacement for any of the large collections of Helm charts that are out there.


Helm must be installed to use the charts in this repository.

The Helm repository can be installed as follows:

helm repo add bjw-s

You can then run helm search repo bjw-s to search the charts.

📖 Docs

The documentation that goes along with this repo can be found over here.

🔎 Support

If you like this project, please consider supporting my work through my GitHub sponsorship page.

How do I find people running these charts?


Join the k8s-at-home Discord community on Discord.

Repository topics

Have a look at people running Kubernetes at home by checking the "k8s-at-home" topic on GitHub.

You can use this following search engine provided by @whazor to search for public repositories containing any application you might wish to run.

🔏 License